Accent Colors

Learn what accent colors are, where they appear in your apps, and how to select colors that will grab the attention of your users.

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An accent color is a custom color that will appear throughout your apps in various locations. This color should compliment your branding and provide excellent contrast against the background of your app.

In mobile apps, it’s possible to select two accent colors: one for each app theme. The app below is using a different shade of purple for its Dark Theme and Light Theme.


To make sure the buttons and important text in your app grab the attention of your users, select an accent color that provides a high degree of contrast against the background of your app. The App Previewer in your Admin Area will let you know if the color you selected has an appropriate amount of contrast.

Color Locations (Mobile)

select buttons, select headers, terms of service and privacy policy links

Color Locations (TV)

video selection box

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change my accent color later?

A: Yes, you'll be able to change the accent color for your app later on. This will require an app update which can be submitted through the app builder in your admin area. Read more about requesting an app update.

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