These are some of most commonly asked questions about apps.

Can I customize or change my apps?

Uscreen uses the same build/app code for each platform, and it can't be altered. Changing the code for individual apps would require custom development, which we don't offer. Refer to the list below for changes you can make. ANY other changes or additions would be considered changes to the code and won't be possible.

Rule of thumb: You can change what you provided including:

1: Information on App Form

To make changes, contact

-App Name, Subtitle, Description

-Contact Support Email & Website

-Privacy Policy & Terms of Service URLs

-App Access (Sign-In Only; In-App Purchase)

-App Theme (Dark or Light)

-Accent Color (Any color you like)

2: Image Assets

To make changes, contact

-App Store Icon (Brand Logo-Solid)

-Home Screen Icon (Brand Logo-Solid)

-App Header (Brand Logo-Transparent)

-Launch Screen Image

-TV Login Page (Login Background & Brand Logo)

-Details: Android & iOS - TV Apps

3: Custom Screenshot Previews

-Details here. To make changes, contact

4: Content & Appearance: Change in Admin Dashboard

Categories & Videos added to the Catalog Page comprise ALL content in the apps. Any changes you make automatically update in the apps within minutes.

-Add/Arrange Content

-Category Title & Description

-Video Title & Description

-Author Name & Profile Image

-Video Thumbnail (Player Image)

-TV Apps Background Image (Player Image)

-Android & iOS Login Image (Login page side banner)

Examples that require changing the app code: adding/changing menu options; changing icons; adding new features; changing text on buttons or pages; adding SDKs/3rd-Party Integrations (Firebase); changing flow (opens to Home Page).

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