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App Access: Geoblocking and Availability
App Access: Geoblocking and Availability

Control if and where users can access your apps

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Each platform allows us to control the publishing status and which locations can access your app.

By default, we'll set your apps to all regions available.


You can block your app to comply with copyright and distribution rights that specify allowed streaming locations. Inform the App Launch Team before submitting your app to the stores to ensure geoblocking is implemented before publishing.

Note: The Privacy Policy link must be accessible globally, even if you block the app and site. To avoid issues during store review, we recommend hosting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages on separate sites accessible worldwide.


Apps can be unpublished to prevent new users from accessing them in the stores. However, existing app users will still have access, so inform them if any functionality changes are planned.

To remove your app from the stores, notify your Customer Success Manager who will coordinate with the App Launch Team for timely unpublishing on all platforms.

Restoring availability may require a new app build and approval process. Consider the time required for building and getting a new app approved when planning to restore it in the app stores.

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