App Access: Content Ratings

Understand how your content and its rating needs to be reported in the app stores

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Content ratings inform users about the suitability of your app for different age groups and help them understand the type of content they can expect. Ratings also play a crucial role in meeting legal requirements and guidelines set by app stores and regulatory bodies.

App Store content ratings are essential for providing users with information about the age appropriateness and content of your app. These ratings help users make informed decisions and ensure compliance with local regulations and guidelines. Here's what you need to know:

App Store Guidelines:

Each app store has its own set of guidelines regarding content ratings. It's important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure compliance.

When you submit your assets to the App Launch Team, if you believe your app may contain age-rated content, please include this in your form and feel free to expand upon the extent of this content when you work with the App Launch Team to prepare your app for store review.

Rating Systems:

App stores often support various age-based rating systems which provide standardized ratings across different regions. These rating systems evaluate factors such as violence, explicit content, language, and age-appropriate material.

Your app will display its age rating and content warnings on the store page upon publication.

Updates and Changes:

If you make significant changes to your app's content that affect its rating, you may need to update the content rating accordingly, which may require the App Launch Team to update your apps as well.

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