App Access: Language Options

Learn about your options for using your preferred language in the app and the app stores

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Store Listing

All app platforms allow you to provide one or multiple language translations (or locales), in order to better communicate and advertise to your audience. If you provide just one locale, then all users in all countries will see this store listing, regardless of their device's default language.

Note: Although our mobile supports several languages (eg: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Deutsch, Chinese, etc) the default language is set as English in the source code. This way, it will display like this in the App Store:


Within the app, it will default to English, but if a user has a different language chosen as the default system language, the app will automatically default to this language (and any other language can be chosen in the app's settings as an override).

If you would like to make sure your language is available as a locale within the app, please ask your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist early on in your app onboarding process so that our developers can make sure that locale is ordered and implemented for you.

Language Updates and Changes

Much like anything in the store description and information, we are able to change anything about your store locale, although these changes may require a new app build, depending on the platform and scope of changes.

Within the app, however, if you feel pieces of the locale are incorrect/awkward, our team is happy to make changes that would be more clear to a natural-speaking audience. Please keep in mind, though, that as our apps are whitelabel, these changes will affect all of our apps, so changes must be within the scope of clarity and accuracy, and not reflect any brand/content-specific references.

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